• Typical Italian Products to Turin

    Typical products, tradition and quality

    In our Latteria Bera in Turin, emporium active from 1958 managed in familiar environment, the future has the taste of the tradition. Thanks to the quality of our products and the services offered to the clientele, we have become one of the more known ancient and historical shops and appreciated of the city over that for the Italian typical products in Turin.

    The philosophy that countersigns us can be reassumed with the following sentence: "To Select, to tell, to taste the typical products of the Italian culture: a female passion that is handed down by generations"

  • Typical products of the tradition always available

    We are among the retail store more famous about the typical Italian products in Turin. In fact, we Latteria Beram propose a vast range of specialty, cheeses and milk products, but also meats, chocolates and products in pot, aiming the attention at seasonality, freshness and quality. 

    We have conquered the certificate of "Teacher Of Taste", recognized in all Italy for his prestige and conferred on the base of the quality of the products and the professionalism with which it manages an activity.

  • Services


    We of the Latteria Bera offer useful and original additional services, like some greedy recipes for the preparation of dishes with the purchased cheeses. The services that we offer, include: wrappings gift, consignments, tastings booking and street food.

  • Events


    Tastings and meetings

    The customers will be delighted with tastings and events created with the intent to taste new and typical products. The activity, sometimes, develops in collaboration with other shops of the zone.

  • News


    A continuous search of cheeses and typical products We are constantly searching new kind of products, small producers and little cheese factory of Piedmonte and other Italian regions with the same principle: to preserve and divulging the Italian culture of wine and food.



  • Latteria Bera

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